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New England, auctioneers, farting, songs you hate to love, sick commercials. 

St. Louis small penis, my inner brat, Solar eclipse, Blood pumping music.

Special guest San Diego Seth. We talk people who are late, politics, overweight kids, issues on airplanes, and determining if a woman is hitting on you. We take a call from Dj Dave Kahle promoting Parker's Ride, an event raising money for Autism Speaks.

Tommy and Waks are back from a short break. We talk FC Cincy, the Alexandria shooting, what burns my ass segment, and Tommy's invention "the cell phone bubble".

Tommy goes solo for a quick set of rants on upcoming podcast events, standing up on airplanes, "Bomb-Clock Boy", and good eats reviews.

Guests in the studio Kim Sherwood and Heather Johnson.

We talk regional foods and restaurants, the Michigan accent, the Food Hussy's Blog, and Kim's fans hitting on him. We also get a call from DJ Dave Kahle, al-right!

With guest Carrie Loyd, we talk sports, sex at work, Smart vs Dumb, Sex Doll brothels and the hidden secrets of the Wendy's logo. 

Music from Mason James, and an interview with Cincinnati local band Step Lively.

Special Guest: The Food Hussy. Heather Johnson joins us and talks about restaurant reviews, kitchen needs, podcasts, and bad TV shows. We talk sports with Kyle Sports Guy, and we take a call from Ricky the guitarist for Mason James.

With returning guest Kim Sherwood, we talk about Dustin Diamond, millennials, Waks tells a navy buddy story, and we play a game of "things you shouldn't do".

We go on location to El Rancho Grande in Eastgate. We chat about fake news stories that push false narratives, climate change, and a review of this tasty Mexican restaurant.

We talk politics, restrooms,and upcoming local events. Thanks to Darian and Kyle Sports Guy for calling in and giving their Super Bowl predictions.

First show of 2017. We talk about the Hollywood elite, dieting, and What Burns My Ass segment.  We review the 2016 Notable Death list, we review sports with Kyle Sports Guy, and we take a call from Mason James, the 2013 Cinti New Country Artist of the year.

All the best of 2016, we talk UFC 207, the Cincy craft beer market, and DJ Dave calls in to promote Autism Rock 8.

BS news stories, Fixer Upper scandal, Fascism, Gatlinburg, TV shows, and an 80's trivia preview.

Election 2016 and politics, Waiting for the school bus, Real Sex on HBO, sex capades and wine bottles.

We talk sports, underwear, politics, and male versus female examinations

Scary Clowns, daytime TV, public common courtesy,Tommy's 2014 car accident, Heidie takes on a porterhouse, and semen bombs.

UFC, Gambling, Heroine, Football, Bad Service, Snot Rockets, and Tommy's Rt 66 road trip to aviary hell.

We talk about the media, Waks's shower habits, Pokemon natural selection, Where the F is Zyzzx,  being a Proctologist and if you can't drive turn your car in.

With guest San Diego Seth, we talk about craft beer, Hot dog eating contest, world travel, and Waks tells a story about a phone call from prison. Thanks to DJ Dave Kahle for calling in to promote the fund raising event,  "Ridin' and Rockin' for Autism"

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